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My Viral Success Network Customers Are Simply The Best... I just got off the phone with a new vendor. 770 subscribers on the list, looking to blast their list very soon. This is where the "Magic" begins.. With Traffic..

This is how it works Inside Viral Success Network. I'm just a regular guy that saw where there were issues online. Lets be 100% open and honest about Online Marketing, ...It's "Freaking Awesome.."

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Today Lets Move A Mountain with the power of "Synergy and Leverage". The internet works like this, if you want to get rich in 2013, ...Listen up! Information Products are the fastest way to getting rich, Hands Down!

Not Coaching, Not ml m, Not Shakes and weight loss, Not Door to door. Selling information is one of the oldest ways to getting rich, Next to "SEX"...

Information has gotten people killed. You ever heard "the messenger got shot"?... Lets Think Deeper People... Information Marketing is Everywhere,

Radio, News paper, Book stores, 7-elevens, malls, & TV, it's the "Pimp" of Info-marketing. So why is this concept so powerful...? Well, no storing shakes, no heavy gold, no home meetings, no door to door, no "Slam DUNKING Grandmas" Into the biz with 3 way calls. What it is though...?

Higher commissions on sales, webinars & hangouts, automated selling, personalized branding, connecting with others allover the world, leveraged lead generation, ...all why weeding out the people for you.

Faster money potential, long residual potential, high upfront commission potential, 10 -100 sales per day potential. 100% automated potential. 100% commission automated income potential. with online marketing the perks go on and on... Well how do you get rich...? Well this is how you can get money fast...

How do you feel about this concept? Every business you join will come down to your ability to find new, "Blood (people)" daily... Why not stop the pain and Build your business around leads.

Because without traffic and automation it's painful once the magic facebook juice stops flowing. When I knew the only solution was Traffic and Lead Generation I said to myself why not start a business based around Perpetual Traffic.


No matter what the offer is, you will
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So, why not cut all the FREAKING CRAP and sell a business model that the user can use to automate there traffic and sell the system to get, ...FREE traffic!

If you sold a Allstar Membership per day in one month, That would be about 2200 after the pass ups, then if your team duplicated that process you would be at 5k to 10k per month with VSN.

Now all your Traffic Is FREE. You can now build a list like a Monster and automate the list building, while you sell and focus on the sales
not the techy part of lead generation.

You see when a company was started a while back it was told to the members just to get people to the capture page and it was a automated sales funnel.

This worked very well but one flaw caught my attention. People could not get traffic to the capture page. So I wanted to fix this so bad I created,

...Viral Success Network.

I wanted people to see this was real, and all you have to do get traffic. Now 12 months later I feel stronger about my belief and know that all you need online to make money is

In This Order:

1. Traffic
2. a Capture Page
3. a Sales Page
4. a Auto-responder

Its that simple!

Anything Else is just a distraction. I just cut all the bull shit.. So if you have been wondering this question lately, "So what are you selling Desmond & Dana?" Here it is... Information Products on How to Generate Leads is what I'm selling!

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