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Our Company

Our vision Viral Success Network was built on a simple yet incredibly encompassing vision. To help people succeed online and reach their dreams in record time. Period. To achieve this we set out to solve one of the biggest problems 99% of all struggling marketers are having in this industry. Getting high quality targeted leads that have a high probability of buying.

From the ground up our clear vision, of helping as many people as possible finally succeed allowed us to, once and for all, solve this problem via utilizing revolutionary cutting edge software that ANYBODY no matter what age or computer skills can use, and by providing a comprehensive set of in depth step by step traffic training videos that rival products costing upwards of $2000.

Our message is clear and simple. Get In, Get Leads, Tell Others. Our creators, after successfully pioneering the traffic industry for over a year, Desmond Akil Smith and Dana LeBleu have personally created massive online income streams and have built a huge following of dedicated loyal followers. They have personally helped thousands of marketers go from "zero to wealthy" in as little as a few weeks. Many of their students have achieved total financial freedom in almost every type of online business model there is.

Success leaves clues, Desmond & Dana embody the belief that money, wealth and happiness is nothing but a measure of the value that they provide to other people. There are few marketers online today that dedicate as much time, effort and personal effort into finding brand new revolutionary ways to solve the problems of their fellow marketers. Viral Success Network is the embodiment of this belief, taking over 6 months and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of research, development and testing to complete. The end result is a complete one stop solution for ANY marketer looking (or currently struggling) to get the absolute best leads on the internet.

There is no other program like this anywhere, and you won't find anything close for under $1500. Our Goal is to help AT LEAST 10,000 marketers find enormous success by the end of 2013 and 50,000 people by the end of 2014. We are getting closer every day, having already accumulated many hundreds of heart warming true success stories. Such as the once broke homeless father who, using our software and training, was able to go from near death and defeat to being able to put a roof over the heads of his beautiful children and wife, and to give them the life of their dreams. As well as the amazing millionaire mum, who's rags to riches story about how she found our program and went on to rapidly make $13,000 in under 45 days is an inspiration to all struggling mothers and marketers alike.